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Accident Related


INTRODUCTION : A necessity arises for filing a claim petition in Motor Accident Claims Tribunal(MACT) seeking compensation for the accident occurred in which the victim has sustained injuries as per his age, earnings etc.

1. Name of Act / Procedure / Rule
The Motor Vehicles Act,1988
2. Nature of case Civil
3. Name of service (MAIN RELIEF)
Award of compensation for the injuries sustained or death in an accident
4. Description of Service
Getting compensatory relief by the person who made the accident
   5.  Documents required for the case :
a) C C of complaint, FIR and charge sheet of the police case
Correct address of other side
c) Original bills of hospitalisation and discharge card
d) Original employment details (pay package)
6. Time required for filing case
2 days, provided all the necessary documents are submitted
   7.  Law Firm Expenses (Depends from case to case)
8. Expenses for filing the case Depends from case to case
9. Limitation Not Applicable
10. Official court fees to be paid for the case As per The Motor Vehicles Act,1988


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