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Consumer Related


INTRODUCTION : A complaint shall be filed against the manufacturer (in case of goods) or against the service provider (in case of services) for their deficiency in service seeking replacement of the defective goods or return of the amounts paid forsuch deficient services.
1. Name of Act / Procedure / Rule
Consumer Protection Act, 1986
2. Nature of case Civil
3. Name of service (MAIN RELIEF)
Award for deficiency of service
4. Description of Service
Getting compensatory/replacement award/ order for the defective product/service purchased by the consumer
   5.  Documents required for the case :
a) Original Bill/Receipt
Correct address of other side
c) Copy of legal notice sent, if any
d) Postal receipts & acknowledgements, if any
6. Time required for filing case
2 days, provided all the necessary documents are submitted
   7. Law Firm Expenses (Depends from case to case)
8. Expenses for filing the case Depends from case to case
9. Limitation Within 2 years from the date of cause of action
10. Official court fees to be paid for the case As per Consumer Protection Act, 1986


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