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Cherukuri Law Firm adopts a professional approach for each case. Beginning with initial consultation, it proceeds to review of the nuts and bolts of the client's legal problems, and finally, explain in clear terms as to what is expected of the client and, what the client can expect from us. The primary focus is to offer the highest quality legal care delivered in an honest, professional manner that enriches the lives of clients with peace of mind and happiness of our clients.

We offer to serve the business class by finding solutions for their legal problems and clearing the hurdles therein. Cherukuri Law Firm is dedicated to uphold the advocacy and protection of the client's rights and interests. It is established to serve its clientele in the best professional way. Our lawyers at Cherukuri Law Firm use their advanced legal training and solid practical experience to cater to the needs of the client in a compassionate and professional way with knowledge and experience to back them, they are set to offer the client the relief he seeks for.

We are dedicated in clientele service and their legal rights. We have established ourselves to offer quality legal services in pre-trial, trial and post-trial proceedings and determine the most efficient legal resolution of the case at every level. The attorneys at Cherukuri Law Firm use their advanced legal training and solid practical experience to cater to client’s needs professionally and compassionately. With their extensive knowledge in so many areas, they are well-placed to offer clients the benefit of excellent case-building, negotiation, and litigation skills.


We at Cherukuri Law Firm remain committed to ensure total client satisfaction and high success rate in resolving their problems by providing appropriate legal solutions. This concept which emanates from the Cherukuri Group's philosophy of "Customer satisfaction is our motto" is reflected by a potent combination of the knowledge, network clubbed with the highly qualified and experienced team of advocates.

Our philosophy lies in providing clients with cost effective, prompt and persistent solutions to meet even the most challenging needs.