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Rents Related


INTRODUCTION :A suit for evicting the tenant arises when a tenant refuses to vacate the premises even after the lease period is completed. A legal notice is served on the tenant asking him to vacate the premises and after that, a suit for eviction will be filed.

1. Name of Act
Andhra Pradesh Buildings (Lease, Rent & Eviction) Control Act, 1960
2. Nature of the Case Civil Nature
3. Name of the Service Evection suit
4. Description of Service

This Act applies only when there is a landlord-tenant relationship and the Act applies both to landlords and tenants equally.

Petition filed u/s 10 (3) (i) (a) (b) of AP Buildings (Lease, Rent & Eviction) Control Act, 1960 Evicting of tenants. Section 10 says legal proceedings should be initiated.No forceful or illegal eviction

  5.  Documents required for the case :
a) Copy of Ownership Documents and Market Value of Property
Copy of Receipt of Power Bill and Property Tax Bills if any
c) Copy of Notice/Legal Notice given if any
d) Postal acknowledgements if any
e) Copies of all relevant documents available if any
f) Proper Documents between Owner and Tenant
6. Time required for filing case
3 Days
7. Official Court fees for filing case
Court fees shall be computed on the premium, if any, and on the rent payable for the year next before the date of presenting the petition under AP Court fees and suits valuation act, 1956.
   8.  Law Firm Expenses
a) Expenses for sending legal notice Rs. 2,500/- & above
b) Expenses for filing case On Request
c) Miscellaneous expenses for filing case On Request
9. Documents required by the Petitioner :
a) Copies of all relevant documents available if any

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