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INTRODUCTION : The necessity to file a bail petition arises when a person is arrested on criminal charges in a criminal case. To apply for a bail is one of the rights provided by the constitution to any citizen. Unless there is a compelling reason not to grant a bail, the court will grant the same.

1. Name of Act
Criminal procedure code, 1973
2. Nature of the Case Criminal Nature
3. Name of the Service BAIL
4. Description of Service
Getting a Bail order by which a person who is in jail shall be released from jail. When a person is charged with a criminal offence in a criminal case, he has a constitutional right to be released on bail unless there is some compelling reason to deny it.
Section 436 describes in which cases bail can be taken. The regular bail is granted u/s 437 and 439 of Cr.P.C.
  5.  Documents required for the case :
a) Copy of FIR ( Given by S.H.O )
Copy of Remand Dairy ( Given by court )
c) Copy of Charge Sheet available if any
d) Copy of medical certificate if any
6. Time required for filing case
1 Day
7. Official Court fees for filing case
No court Fees
   8. Law Firm Expenses
a) Expenses for sending legal notice Depends on case to case
b) Expenses for filing case Depends on case to case
c) Miscellaneous expenses for filing case Depends on case to case
9. Documents Required
a) Proper Address and Photo ID Proofs of two sureties
b) Copies of all relevant documents available if any

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